What Causes Damage on Garage Doors? Check This to Know

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How often do you think about your garage door or what could go wrong with it? Considering its vast components and continued usage, a garage door becomes inefficient with time and will need repairs or replacement. If your door is malfunctioning, a garage door repair service can fix any of the following common issues.

Excessive Pressure on Rollers

Worn-out rollers exert excessive pressure on your door during operation. This will result in a jerky motion, or the doors will stick to one position instead of running smoothly on the track. It is vital that you rectify poor movement and sticking to avoid damaging essential and expensive hardware.

Continuous Exposure to Elements

Even small amounts of rain can damage garage doors, especially if water finds its way into various components. Moisture dries out the lubricants, leaving components prone to rust. Rusty hinges, bolts and other hardware will reduce your door's efficiency over time. 

Rusty components will lead to shaking and noises due to difficulty gliding over the affected area. Applying a lubricant will temporarily restore normal function. That said, it's best to repair or replace affected hardware to prevent further damage to the door. 

Excessive Door Movements  

Misaligned safety sensors and debris build-up will result in a door that operates by itself. If your door appears to have a mind of its own, it could also indicate a transmitter malfunction that signals your door to operate randomly. 

A malfunctioning electrical circuit will also lead to erratic movements, and you want to refrain from operating a door with excess or random movements.

Snapped or Wrecked Cables

After continued cycles, increased strain on the cables that operate your door becomes inevitable, leading to broken cables. Damaged cables can leave your door jammed in the open position, exposing your home to elements or burglaries.

Aged Door

After years of service, garage doors will inevitably become less efficient and call for frequent, costly repairs. An aged garage door will lead to faulty springs, loose cables, bent tracts, an unattractive exterior, malfunctions, increased utility bill and more.

If you have an old garage door that is frequently failing, you might want to call in a professional to install a new door.

If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, a professional garage door repair service is your only answer. They have the ideal tools and experience to restore the door to normal function or replace it with a new, improved version.