Don't Overlook These Features When Choosing A New Steel Garage Door

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A steel garage door is very durable and can help deter thieves and intruders, as it's difficult to bend a steel door or pull it off its tracks. The material also needs less maintenance than wood, as it won't absorb moisture and then expand and crack. However, when you're ready to choose a steel door for your home's garage, note a few features you don't want to overlook or omit, and some important things to discuss with your salesperson or installer, so you know you're happy with that door for years to come.

Resisting dents and dings

Steel is very strong and is more likely to resist dents and dings that lightweight aluminium or wood, but that doesn't mean a steel door can't get damaged. One errant driver or child playing sports in the driveway, and the door may suffer some dents or even cracks and splits. You might discuss having a layer of fibreglass put over the front of the door, for added strength and protection.

Weight of the door

If your garage already has an automatic garage door opener and you're thinking of attaching the steel door to this system, be sure you check the weight limits of the opener against the weight of the door. Too much weight and the opener may struggle to operate, and the chains and spring may wear out quickly. Opt for a thinner steel to accommodate the weight limits of the opener, if necessary.


A steel door can eventually rust, so talk to your installer or salesperson about how to avoid this corrosion. A good seal coating, applied on a regular basis, can reduce the risk of rust, and your installer might recommend a fresh powder coating every year or as often as necessary to help protect the door's surface.


Steel conducts heat and cold, so a plain steel door may not do much to insulate the interior of the garage. This can mean allowing humidity and moisture to settle on your car and tools, leading to early rust. It can also be difficult to use the garage for a workspace during wintertime. Consult with your salesperson or installer about an insulating interior between two skins of steel; a foam core board can help stop heat and cold from the outside, and keep in any heat or air conditioning in the garage. This creates a more comfortable interior and reduces the risk of damage to anything stored in the garage.

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