Three Key Features To Look For When Buying A New Garage Door For Your Home

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A garage is a highly desirable addition to the home for most Australian homeowners. However, a garage may not be such an asset if the garage door is old, in a state of disrepair or not functioning properly. If this sounds like your garage door, then you may be considering having a new one installed. With so many different varieties available, here are three key features you should look for when choosing the ideal garage door for your home.

1. Quiet operation

Many older style garage doors make an unpleasant and annoying amount of noise while they're opening and closing. Whirring motors, clanging metal and scraping mechanisms will make the entry to your garage a clamorous affair for both yourself and your neighbours.

Opt for a garage door model that uses a modern and smooth opening system that glides open effortlessly and silently. Also look for a motor that uses modern technology to ensure a soft hum rather than a sound like an airplane preparing to take off.

2. Rapid opening

Sitting and waiting impatiently for the garage door to laboriously open or close is not most people's idea of time well spent. Unfortunately, this is the reality with many older style garage doors. Look for a model that provides rapid opening and closing mechanisms to make the entry and exit process streamlined and fast.

A garage door that opens and closes quickly offers other benefits as well as less waiting time. During inclement weather, the interior of your garage will face less exposure to the elements. It also increases security, providing less opportunity for intruders, of both animal and human varieties, to enter your garage.

3. Good looks

Garage doors aren't simply a functional addition to your home, as they also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your home's exterior. The right garage door can enhance and complement your home's overall look and help to add that all important street appeal.

Garage doors come in an enormous range of colours, styles and materials. Choose one that fits in with the style of your home. For a modern home, a sleek designer model using modern materials will work well. For a heritage home, a more classic style is more appropriate.

Contact your local garage door supplier and installer to organise the purchase of your new garage door. They can provide you with a selection of doors to choose from which meet your needs and will help to make your garage a more functional and attractive addition to your home.