Types of Garage Door Openers Available to You

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For most families, the home's garage door is an essential part of the home. When working perfectly, the door, also enhances security in the garage. Due to its frequent use, having a garage door that opens and closes easily will be essential. It's also a great idea to enlist the services of qualified garage door repair specialists occasionally.

Gone are the days when garage doors would be opened manually. Today's doors are easily opened by remote control or by a wall switch. There are many, different garage door openers on the market but these are the most common.

Screw Drive

This door opener in the newest on the market. It uses a motor, "The Direct" driver to operate and lifts the garage door by use of a wound steel rod.  When switched on, this steel rod moves and opens the garage door. As the opener uses no belts or chains, no noise is produced while opening the door. Additionally, the motor opens the door faster than other traditional garage door openers.

Chain Drive

The chain drive is the most common garage door opener in use today. This device is easy to install as it's composed of a metal chain that connects with a motor. This motor once activated, by either switch or remote control, drives the chain to open the door. A shaft and sprocket chain is the most commonly used with this garage door opener. For easy access, the switch should be installed both sides of the garage wall, inside and out, for better access.

Be advised, however, that the chain drive is noisiest garage door opener in the market.

Belt Drive

The belt drive can be fitted on a garage that's adjacent to the home or just below it. The opener makes less noise compared to the chain driver. Additionally, it is more durable than the chain drive. It is for the reasons above that most people prefer the belt drive to the chain drive.

As you choose your garage door, also, be advised to consider the power requirements you will need. For a single garage door, a smaller motor will do. For a double garage door, however, a more powerful motor will be needed. A motor with at least 0.5 horsepower should suffice. A safety mechanism should be fitted on the garage door as well. One important feature to consider is a mechanism that can stop the door from closing all the way if there are barriers in the closing mechanism. Such a mechanism could help prevent serious, sometimes fatal accidents.  Talk to a garage door service for more direction.