Keep your children safe around your automatic garage doors

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Garage doors can be the heaviest moving thing in your house, and accidents are always possible if the doors are used improperly. You need to keep your children safe while enjoying the convenience of automatic doors, so what kinds of safety measures can you use?

Teach your children

Make sure that your children know that garage doors can be dangerous - and make sure they know why. They could easily get hurt if they run or play near a garage door, especially if it is open or moving. Their hands or fingers could get caught if they touch the door while it is moving. Children don't want to be hurt, and making sure they know the risks and how to avoid them is the first step in keeping them safe.

Keep remotes out of the way

A remote device for opening a door is a convenience that you may want to keep with you - but you should not keep it where children can find it and play with it. This is particularly important if you have a remote on your key ring - you will need to remember to keep the keys well out of the way, even if it takes a little longer for you to find them yourself.

Fix openers above child height

A button that automatically opens the garage doors is another thing you might feel you can't live without - but children love pushing things to see what they do. Make sure the button is where your children cannot reach it, and you will not have to worry about inquisitive fingers opening the door by accident.

Install a safety beam

A safety beam is a ray of infrared light near the bottom of your doorway. If your children play near the door while it is closing, the beam will be broken, and the door will automatically stop and reverse. This can be an extremely important safety feature that will protect your children from becoming accidentally trapped in a closing door.

Fit safety edges

The edges of garage doors can be hard and sharp. By fitting plastic or rubber safety edges, you will ensure that your children will not come to harm, even if their fingers find their way onto the door edges.

Safety is always important, and never more so than when children are around. Make sure you take these simple steps with your garage doors and keep your family safe.